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Enhanced Annuity

An annuity uses your clients' pension funds to provide an income for the rest of their lives.

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Our pension annuity offers personalised rates based on lifestyle and medical history. Because some people will have a lower than average life expectancy, we are able to offer them higher levels of income than most standard rate conventional annuity providers.

An annuity purchase is a one off decision, with only one opportunity to get it right. Your client cannot normally change the basis of their annuity, cash it in or transfer it at any time.


Our annuities offer higher levels of income for a wide range of health and lifestyle conditions, from diabetes and smoking through to cancer.

In some cases an enhanced annuity could provide significantly more income than a conventional annuity.

For over 15 years we've been at the forefront of the Enhanced Annuity market under the LV=, Tomorrow and GE Life brands and we were the very first provider to launch smoker rates in 1995 and our special rates the year after.

Value Protection

We also offer a Value Protection option on our annuities which gives clients the opportunity to protect part or all of their annuity fund when they die.

We look forward to working with you to make sure that you have everything you need to help your clients make the best decision.

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