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Protection Products


Whole of life and terminal illness cover lasting the rest of your client's life with ten guaranteed increase options.


Useful for:


  • inheritance tax planning
  • repayment of debts
  • leaving money for loved ones
Relevant Life Cover
  • A tax efficient single life death in service plan written in trust
  • Designed for directors, high earning employees and employees of small businesses
  • Free Executive Assistance Plan
A man and a woman looking at each other and smiling.
  • Long term cover alternative to MPPI.
  • Covers mortgage repayments and lifestyle financial commitments in the event of accident or sickness.
  • Optional unemployment cover.
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  • Seven year life cover.
  • Designed to cover inheritance tax on a gift in excess of the nil rate band.
  • Reduces cover in line with inheritance tax liability.
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  • Life cover which pays a quarterly income.
  • Single or joint options available.
  • Online quotations available.

Gender Directive

Gender directive

Our approach to the Gender Directive for protection products including:


  • The products affected.
  • How we treat new policies or changes to existing ones.


  • Find out how to set up a trust.
  • Use our trustbuilder tool.
  • Download forms and guides. 


Claims and Underwriting

Claims and Underwriting

Find out about:


  • Our claims philosophy.
  • How to make a claim.
  • Our claims performance.
  • The tele-interview process.

Large Case Team

Large Case Team

Find out about:


  • What our large case team can do for you.
  • What qualifies.
  • Medical evidence requirements.
  • How to streamline cases.
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