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The new home for all our sponsorship news, highlights, fixtures and tickets

Starting with the new 2014/15 LV= Cup for rugby, we've moved our all the sponsorship pages to our new site.

@heart from LV= is the place to visit for all your LV= Cup and LV= County Championship news.

About LV= Sponsorship

  • Discover more about our sponsorship
  • What do we sponsor and why?
  • Your one-stop-shop for everything LV= County Championship
  • Keep up to date with the latest news and results from the 2014 season
  • Congratulations to Bath’s Ollie Devoto, our 2013/14 LV= Breakthrough Player Award winner
  • Check out the latest news on the competition, 2014/15 season starting soon
  • Find out more about our relationship with Jamie Oliver's Food Tube
  • Discover six ways to improve your cooking

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