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Company information

Financial information and corporate governance

Corporate governance
Information about how LV= is run, details of our Board of Directors and trade associations
Reports, accounts and returns
Detailed reports for our regulatory returns, annual report and financial strength ratings
Trade associations
The trade associations we are members of
Investor information
Details of our subordinated debt issuance - for UK investors only
Fighting financial crime
How financial crime affects you and what we do to detect and prevent it

LV= Annual Report 2013

  1. Chairman's Statement
  2. Chief Executive's Statement
  3. Our Strategy
  4. Group Finance Director Review
  5. General Insurance
  6. Life Insurance

AGM 2014

  1. Information about the AGM
  2. Resolutions being voted on
  3. Our chosen charities

LV=, County Gates, Bournemouth, BH1 2NF, UK